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Manifestation Mastery®

With Karen Whitelaw-Smith

Master Your Mind – Manifest Your Desires

Ready to commit

to your dreams?

Are you ready to take your mind to the next level?

Want to know how to become a Super Manifestor?

Are you ready to commit to manifesting the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to receive all that you desire?

What if you could manifest all that you desire

What if you could live a financially free life

What if you could become super confident

What if you could attract your soulmate

What if you knew that anything is possible


It’s time to Unleash

Manifestation Mastery®

 Are you fed up hustling in life trying to make life work?

Are you doing everything you can, but nothing seems to be working?

You’ve read all the books, the Law of Attraction, but still come up empty handed

You’ve even tried some courses and workshops before, but still feel you’re searching for more

Don’t beat yourself up because you are just like the majority of people who are all searching for a better life.

A life you want to create where you are financially free from debt, worry, struggle, stress and your
health might even be suffering.

It’s time to take control of your emotional life, your thoughts, your emotions and learn how you can create Infinite Manifestation and all that you desire.

Everything you desire is already within you, it’s time to

Unleash Manifestation Mastery®. 

Does this sound like you, I know it does because I have worked with hundreds of clients who felt exactly the same way and today, they are living a beautiful life, one where they are in control of their emotions, know how to connect to the Universe, are confident about asking for what they want and one of the most important factors in manifesting, is the fact that you feel worthy enough to receive more money and all your desires. This is what I want for you.  I have manifested so many wonderful desires and so has my clients.

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life

I have been working on myself for a very long time and have always been interested in human behaviour, psychology, spirituality, mindset, energy and what makes people successful and attract a lot of money.

I began my own personal development journey more seriously when I left the corporate world and although I have always connected with Spirit from a very young age, I decided to start my own meditation practice and have been doing this for over thirty years. 

It has shaped me who I am today.

I always knew and felt very different from others, as I ‘just knew’. I see Spirit, I hear Spirit, I feel Spirit and have been incorporating this into my coaching practice.

It is my secret sauce.

This is what makes me very unique from other coaches, it’s not just being intuitive but as a Psychic Medium I work with Spirit to help you to release your energy blocks that have been holding you back. I communicate with your vibration and I know what your blocks are. 

Infinite Manifestation was designed using all my skills as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Personal Development Mentor and Psychic Medium, blending the physical with the spiritual to help you to become a Super Manifestor.  It’s time for you to stop struggling and living in fear and to have faith, learn to trust knowing that the Universe will deliver all your desires.  You just need to learn how and I’m here to teach you.

The Universe can hear every thought

I have the tools, it’s time for you to trust

I’m here to tell you the Universe has heard your thoughts and knows it’s your time to stop procrastinating, stop making excuses for why you can’t manifest and I’m here to be your Guide and expert on what will be one of the most beautiful Journeys you have ever taken. 

Are you ready? 

There is no limit to what you can achieve

Only the limitation of your mind

I’m ready to share with you all my wisdom and knowledge that I have experienced and learned over my own Journey.  Along the way I could see that I was doing things differently from others and was manifesting not only parking spaces that most people were, I was manifesting all my desires and was helping my clients manifest homes, cars, money, partners, babies, and so 

The Manifestation Mastery Method® was born. 

Not only will it help you accept where you feel you are, it will allow you to open up and feel safe, it will give you the exact steps that I and my clients use and you will have a proven, tried and tested formula that works and can work for you if you follow my steps. You will also find the most important thing you have been searching for – YOU.

Let’s see what’s inside

Manifestation Mastery®

Module One

Decide you are available for an abundant life. 


Module Two

Declutter the old and make room for the new.

Module Three 

Design the life you really want.

Module Four

Detach from your desires and allow them to be received. 

What’s included?

4 months coaching 1-1 with Karen 

8 Live 60 min. coaching sessions

4 transformational workbooks & exercises

Q & A time 

Lifetime access


Bonus 1:

The Meditation Experience Bundle

Learn To Forgive Guided Meditation

Sharpen Your Senses Guided Meditation

Growing Confidence Guided Meditation


My Guided Meditations are especially created for you and the music has been produced personally for each meditation.

They are infused with love and hypnotic words to help deepen your relaxation.

Bonus 2:

A Start Ups Guided to Meditation Workbook

My own way to practice meditation


A Start Ups Guide To Meditation is the perfect answer for you.

Learn how to start your own Meditation Practice and

begin to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Bonus 3:

Connecting To Divine Energy –

The Universal Laws

Learn The Universal Laws and incorporate them into your life.

Watch the miracles show up.

Who is Karen?

Karen Whitelaw Smith is The Manifestation Coach For Women®, Founder of I Love My Life Academy and a Mindset and Energetics expert. 

Founder of The Manifestation Mastery Method® 

I am passionate and have made it my mission to help you over the four months working 1-1 with Karen to up-level your mind and help you open you up to what’s possible for your life and that means, helping you become a Super Manifestor.

Let Me Take You On A Journey  

How Does The Program Work?

The Manifestation Mastery® is for women who are ready to invest in themselves, looking to expand and raise their consciousness to manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. You will be working with Karen for 4 months 1-1.

Not only will you know exactly how to manifest but you will learn to open up yourself, love yourself, set boundaries, dive deep into who you really are and allow the treasures of life to unfold. 

You will have lifetime access to the program and all the bonuses when the program is completed.

By signing up now, you will be first to be notified when the Program opens.

The Program is live and all calls will be held via zoom, you will be given
a link and dates for your sessions. 

You will also be given dates for the Q & As to answer all your questions with regard to each module.

If the program is updated at any point, you will also have access to any updates.


Expect to have your mind switched on to what is possible.  Be prepared for BIG changes in your life.  I have set the intention and asked the Universe that you be ready to receive all that you desire and by using the Manifestation Mastery Method® and all the tools that I have learned and created along my own Journey, you will manifest your deepest desires.

I have been developing myself over many years and I am bringing all my wisdom and knowledge to you so that you too can live a financially free life and be worthy of who you really are.

Why should I invest in Manifestation Mastery®

This program has been created with over 20 years knowledge and experience. As The Manifestation Coach For Women, I have a very unique gift of knowing exactly what you need to open up, so I will be tuning into the Group and guiding you to manifest an abundant life.

What if I decide I haven’t got the time to do the course after purchasing?

Don’t worry as you have lifetime access so you can also do the course the next time around.

By joining the program now, you will not incur any other costs when the price rises.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds.  However if you find that after completing Module One you feel it’s not right for you, then please send your completed Module One homework to  If you have not accessed and completed Module One then we have the right to refuse your refund.  I am confident though that you will just love this program and will begin to change your life and manifest all your desires.

Can you guarantee results?

I’m your Guide to help you while on your eight week Journey, I’m not here to force you to do the work, you must commit to changing your life.  You must decide you want an abundant life and do what it takes to make it happen.  What I can guarantee is that if you commit and do the work, show up for each module, do the homework and ask questions and participate, then I know that you can attract more of what you want and transform your life.

If I don’t have a business, would Manifestation Mastery® still be for me?

Of course you don’t need a business to join Manifestation Mastery®.  This is all about you manifesting your best life and learning the exact eight steps that I and my clients have been using to transform our lives and manifest an abundant life.

Manifestation Mastery®

With Karen Whitelaw-Smith 


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