Meet Karen


I trained as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindset Mentor, world class Energy Healer, International Author, Speaker and Reiki Master.  I spoke on USA stages and started my very first holistic wellbeing clinic to work with people to help them love their life, to think in a different way and to eradicate their blocks and fears living in a world where they didn’t believe anything was possible for them. I wanted to change that.

Today I’m known as The Manifestation Coach For Women®, Founder of I Love My Life Academy and The Manifestation Club®.

I’m also the Direct Voice for The Spiritual Masters. 

I have always been consciously working with the Universe since I was a young child but just didn’t know what to call it. 

Why do so many people make manifesting so complicated? I believe that’s one of the main reasons why you don’t manifest all your desires, you over complicate things.  I believe deep down that is why I trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and studied the mind and body and energy connection.  

I decided that I wanted to help others and to let them know how to manifest an abundant life, a successful life and so I created my Signature System, Manifestation Mastery® Method.  This is what I have been using for myself and my clients, proven, tried and tested. The Manifestation Mastery® Method was born using mindset tools, Spiritual Principles, psychology, energetics and sub-conscious programming to help you let go of what is no longer serving you and begin to create wealth and success and a life you love. 

Meet The Spiritual Masters™

We are 12 Spiritual Masters who have lived on earth as great Leaders but have now crossed over and have been working with Karen for over 20 years as Masters to bring you great wisdom and messages through Karen to help raise the vibration of the world.

When Karen’s father passed over she knew it was the time in the world to let The Spiritual Masters™ channel her for the good of mankind.
Today Karen has devoted her life to educating people to use their mind to manifest an abundant life and to connect with Spirit to help personally develop themselves and their mindset. This is the way that the human race is transforming to live.
All the great Leaders who have passed over communicated with Spirit, Universe, whatever your name for it is, to ask their questions and to seek help and advice.

Karen is guided by The Spiritual Masters™ and has been teaching Personal and Spiritual Development combined with Meditation in her own unique way.
The Spiritual Masters Community is to help educate and inspire others to learn to personally and spiritually develop themselves and to communicate with The Spiritual Masters to create a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

If you are a fan of Abraham, then you will love The Spiritual Masters™, if you are a change-maker, conscious creator, heart led entrepreneur then you are in the right place.

Karen has devoted her life to Spirit and wants you to have the opportunity to share with The Spiritual Masters™ their wisdom and messages to help you in your life.

The Spiritual Masters™ & Karen


As A Child Growing Up

As a child I always just knew things.  I am an Aries, stubborn with it which has shaped and helped me to become who I am today.  I kept going when things got tough, I would never give in and was always looking for the solution.

Everything I ever wanted for Christmas or Birthdays, as if by magic, would appear.  I felt very different as a child as I could see, hear and sense Spirit and it was just part of who I Am.  I never questioned, I thought everyone was the same.  It was only when I learned otherwise that I began to hide my gifts and became so much more quiet. It took to my adult years to begin to allow my unique gifts to surface.


My Journey Begins

When I started working, I always knew that there was more than what I was doing.  I worked in Local Government and had a good job but it was not what I wanted. Although I didn’t know what it looked like, I knew deep within that this was not my life.

But before I was able to fully tune into my intuitive gifts and live my purpose of helping others fully connect with theirs, I had to learn to love myself.  And that was not an easy road.

You see, before I ‘found’ Karen, I had spent most of my life hiding her gifts.

Signs From The Universe

I had been asking the Universe for a sign to help me leave the Corporate world and to fulfil my life. It wasn’t very long before I got that sign, but not in the way I would have wanted.

I developed acute carpal tunnel syndrome and had to give up my work immediately.  The next year began a journey for me that would take me to the depths of despair, deep pain and gut wrenching fear as my life was turned upside down, inside out.

I had to have extensive hand surgery and was told never to return to my type of work again.

‘Now go and live your life Karen, you know what you came to do’ was the words from the Consultant.

I did know and I began my very first business and was so excited. Another journey but this time, an exciting one.


My sign is  the Butterfly. The Universe will get your attention and deep down you will know what it means.   I know that you too have tales to tell about how the Universe has gotten your attention. I can’t wait for you to begin your journey and I hope I can be part of it. 



For you to step into your highest calling and live a life you love.  


To help educate women to do more, have more and be more in the world.

To tune into your intuition, show up fully and live a life beyond your wildest dreams.