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 Hi, I’m Karen and I created a personal development coaching company specialising in mindset, manifestation and energetics.

 We serve female creators,  intuitive coaches and heart-led entrepreneurs through programs, coaching and training to living a rich life. 

Known as The Manifestation Coach For Women®, Thought Leader, Adv. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Teacher and an Intuitive Visionary, I know if you begin to love yourself then you can begin to love your life. I see the future you and I know that you can create all that you desire, success, wealth, happiness, good health and so much more.   

I’m Karen Whitelaw-Smith, Founder of I Love My Life Academy and The Manifestation Club®.


In the Summer you will find me in the Lavender Fields where I love to spend time connecting to The Spiritual Masters and receiving downloands.

I’m also an International Author, Adv. Clinical Hypnotherapist, World class Energy Healer and the Direct Voice For The Spiritual Masters.  I will help you to live a life beyond your wildest dreams using my tried and tested Manifestation Mastery® Method to help you align to your desires and remove your energy blocks so you can begin to open your mind, open your heart and manifest more wealth, self-love and success from within. 

Digital Courses and Guided Meditations

It’s your time now and I’m your Intuitive Guide and expert to support and help you unlock your energy blocks to create a rich life, in all areas of your life.

The most important factors you need right now are to up-level your mind and raise your money energy frequency.

Everything is possible but first you must begin to reprogram your mind to believe in You.   

Check out the ways you can work with me and also my online programs and guided meditations. 

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