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  If you haven’t met me before, I’m Karen Whitelaw-Smith, The Manifestation Coach For Women®, Founder of I Love My Life Academy Community, The Manifestation Club® and my Signature System the Manifestation Mastery® Method. 


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Manifestion Mastery® Mentoring

What is the Manifestation Mastery® Mentoring?

If you’re ready to be supported – coached – inspired to transforming your life, you’re in the perfect place.  

Let’s get you manifesting all your dreams.

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Join The Manifestation Club®

The Manifestation Club® has a vibe like no other.  This is my paid membership where you will learn to open yourself up, become more visible, love yourself, up-level your mind so that you can create magic and miracles in your life. It’s truly a unique soulful place to be and offers an abundance of guidance and online support, spiritual teachings, mindset tools, guided meditations, Q & A, videos and teachings live with Karen.

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MANIFEST Bootcamp®


This is my eight week Group Signature Program where I work with you live each week, supporting and helping you to really up-level your mindset to success.

Four Modules with their own Workbook for you to download.

Weekly recordings which you can play over and over. 

Q & A trainings

This is no ordinary program but a method that is filled with over 20 years of my business experience and knowledge that I have learned, also my unique information which is channelled through me by The Spiritual Masters™ to give you the best method, information and techniques so you can begin to start manifesting and bringing into reality all that you desire.


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