The Manifestation Coach For Women® 

Mindset Mentor & The Intuitive Visionary

to Change-makers and Heart-Led Entrepreneurs



Work With Me

Karen has worked in the personal and spiritual development field for around twenty years, using her own tried and tested techniques to help hundreds of clients reprogram their minds for wealth, self-love and success from the inside out. 

If you’re looking for big transformation, then you’re in the right place.

Karen has an uncanny gift of knowing exactly what it is that is holding you back and uses her intuition, psychology, mindset, energetics, spirituality and the sub-conscious programming to get you out of your head and into your heart to manifest wealth and success and a life you love.

She also works with the Spiritual Masters to bring you exactly what you want.

Ready to work with Karen 1-1 then book your call. 


Aligned & Abundant Session 

Imagine living the life you desire with all that you want to manifest. Becoming your Best You.

Karen is The Manifestation Coach For Women, a sought after Mindset & Spiritual Teacher who will use her signature tools to help you make your dream become your reality. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and want to remove any blocks that may be holding you back, have a blueprint to move you forward, then book an Aligned & Abundant Session with Karen to create a life you love. 





The Manifestation Club®

Become a world class manifestor and

live the life you love


Welcome to The Manifestation Club® where manifesting and mastering your mindset will bring you a life beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s truly unique and a positive and soulful place to bask in and offers an abundance of guidance and online support, spiritual teachings, metaphysics, self-love, manifestation mindset tools, money, law of vibration, business and inner work that will help you to manifest a successful and abundant life.

It will give you a ‘high’ every single day so you can create the freedom in your life and manifest all your desires.




           Manifestation Mastery®

Manifestation Mastery® is my highest level of coaching working with me 1-1 over a four month period to really personally develop you to be able to really achieve the success you are looking for.  Become a magnet to all that you desire and create your success from the inside out using my tried and tested Manifestation Mastery® Method and become a leader in your field.

It will take you from simply wishing your desires into existence, to actually knowing exactly how to call in your desires into reality.

Simply click on the link to book a free call with Karen to see if you are ready for the next step. 



MANIFEST Bootcamp 

MANIFEST Bootcamp® is my Group Signature Program. Work with me live for eight weeks to manifest and understand exactly how to call in all that you desire, learn my Signature System Manifestation Mastery® Method so you can attract the bigger things in life, money, homes, cars, travel, family, it’s all available to you. Not only will you have a manifestation method to call in your desires but you will begin to open yourself up to who you really are.  Once you know how, you will be able to attract unlimited abundance and create a very healthy lifestyle and most of all, you will find yourself.   

This is not just another manifestation course but a proven system that will change your life and one that you can use over and over throughout your life. If you are ready to stop hustling, living in fear and looking outside of yourself for the answers, then this is for you.